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We recruit the nation's brightest business minds to volunteer their expertise to help promising small businesses grow and create jobs in lower-income communities. PCV’s community of advisors, entrepreneurs, and partner organizations provide small business owners with knowledge and resources to help them -and their employees - excel. Our focus is on brick-and-mortar small businesses, like those in manufacturing and distribution, that have the potential to create quality jobs in vulnerable communities.

Background and History

PCV was founded in 1998 to connect entrepreneurs located in or hiring from lower income communities with a network of business Advisors that could help provide the resources they need to grow and sustain their business. This theory of change is that by bringing the same intellectual and financial capital that is made available to VC-backed technology start-ups in Silicon Valley to brick and mortar small business owners, we can have a real and positive impact on the economic development of these communities. In every year since its inception, PCV has proven that this approach works; the Business Advising program has consistently outpaced the state and nation in job growth.

In just over five years, the original number of companies in the PCV network tripled, and the number of lower-income workers supported by the program hit 2,000. The Advisor network also increased dramatically in that time, growing from a pool of less than 20 advisors to a strong network of over 100. In 2010, the PCV Business Advising program began taking on partners to connect with even more small businesses. And the impact has been substantial. In 2011, PCV matched 135 entrepreneurs with at least one volunteer advisor and advised companies created 264 jobs, for a job growth rate of 14%. At a time when the economy is still struggling to recover, PCV’s Business Advising program is proving an effective model for reinventing prosperity.

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  • Kendra Ott | Associate Director, Business Advising

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