Meet Our Latest Borrower: Ondonte Dental Staffing

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Susan Melton is the owner of Ondonte, is a dental staffing company that refers temporary and permanent employment candidates to dental offices around the Bay Area.

Ondonte helps create good-paying jobs at dental offices by maintaining a database of qualified dental staff who are looking to fill vacancies. There are between 80 and 120 people in the database at any given time. Ondonte uses internet recruitment sites, its own website, and word of mouth referrals to source qualified staff. The company then conducts in-person interviews and runs a background check on each person to assure the candidate is licensed and qualified.

The company has grown substantially with Susan Melton’s leadership over the last five years, with five full-time employees and plans to hire more as it expands. Before they could keep that growth going, they needed additional funding for technology upgrades and onboarding. When the banks turned them down, Ondonte came to PCV.

We’re excited to be working with them!


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