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  • Offering 80 plus books/ebooks on Amazon, Lulu, et al, 60 podcasts on SoundCloud, Apple, Spotify, et al, 50 You Tube channel series titled, “Second Wind”, and audio archives from in-depth research, lived professional experiences and insights from ‘life’. Samples and book trailers selling worldwide. , , Here are links to YouTube:, Podcast link :, , SHORTS: A STEAM ANTHOLOGY (book/eBook)- By Phyllis Chestang, MBA, International Business, George Washington University, PhD (student). Insights from US Foreign Service (FSO)/USAID and other lived professional experiences. Thrilling, jaw-dropping, global perspectives. Three episodes about women’s leadership challenges in management, science, technology engineering, arts & mathematics aka ‘STEAM’., #1-Battling a deadly global pandemic with millennials/’Gen Zs’, #2- A gathering with conflict, drama, and a ‘mystery man’. , #3- Lastly, a long-haul trip – ‘never again’ from Tokyo (NRT) thru Los Angeles, CA (LAX) then non-stop to London Heathrow (LHR). Great, unforgettable short reads., also, supporting education via my non profit 501c3, “Second Wind”, Contact via email: , Link:, , , Personal appearances and visiting professor options.

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