Investing In Small Business And Big Ideas

Pacific Community Ventures is a nonprofit social enterprise that engages small businesses, impact investors, and policymakers to build an economy that works for everyone. We do this by empowering small business owners with fair capital, free mentorship, and access to the networks they need to grow their companies, and by working with large institutions to drive investments that create social and environmental good. Our programs strengthen local economies, create good jobs for working people, and stimulate private and public investment in underserved communities across America.

Our Services

Small Business Loans and Microloans

Helping communities grow by investing in people who build businesses and generate jobs in their neighborhoods. We provide small business loans to entrepreneurs across the state of California, with a focus on underserved borrowers such as women, people of color, and veterans.

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Small Business Advice and Mentoring

We match small business owners anywhere in America with pro-bono expert business advisors and mentors who provide free assistance to grow their businesses and create good jobs. Companies in our program grow their revenues by 20% annually and add jobs at 8x the national rate.

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Impact Investment Advisory Services

Our impact investing research and consulting practice provides information and analysis to investors and policymakers with the goal of driving capital to social purpose. Our research, field-building efforts, and advisory services have influenced capital markets for over a decade.

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Our Seven-Year Impact

Since the end of the Great Recession, PCV’s unique ecosystem of programs has worked together to catalyze the creation of community wealth and to drive lasting, positive economic change for working people in the neighborhoods that need them most. Our programs strengthen local economies, create new quality jobs, and stimulate private and public investment in underserved communities.

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Meet Our Companies

Over the past decade, we’ve helped thousands of small businesses create tens of thousands of jobs. Our companies have shown job growth at eight times the national average. Over 68% of our companies have female owners, and 50% have a person of color as an owner. Meet some of our advised and funded companies!

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