Meet Our Latest Borrower: As Kneaded Bakery

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As Kneaded Bakery

As Kneaded Bakery is a Community Supported Bakery, founded and operated by Iliana Imberman Berkowitz. Inspired by the sourdough bread culture of California and the rich tradition of breads of her Jewish heritage, As Kneaded serves loaves that blend cultures and fill bellies. Iliana focuses her bakery on baguettes, challah, and a variety of sourdough hearth loaves, as well as a unique lineup of seasonal “noshes” (Yiddish for ‘snacks’) which we showcase at multiple weekly farmers’ markets. Iliana founded As Kneaded in July 2016, after having spent several years honing her baking skills in kitchens and bakeries on both coasts. She wanted to build her own business–one that reflected her passion, taste, and depth of expertise. After developing an initial fan base through a weekly bread subscription program, known as “Bread Club,” As Kneaded Bakery made the leap to sell to wholesale accounts and farmers’ markets, thus bringing hearty, inspired … Read More

Announcing The Principles for Investment in Sustainable Wild-Caught Fisheries

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Principles for Investment in Sustainable Wild-Caught Fisheries

Although billions of public and private dollars are invested in fisheries every year, more often than not, sustainability is neither the driver nor the intended outcome of those investment dollars. Pacific Community Ventures is excited to be one of the founding endorsers of the Principles for Investment in Sustainable Wild-Caught Fisheries. These principles will forward the impact- and sustainable-investment worlds by help investors who want to grow their capital while enabling sustainable practices in wild-caught fisheries.  Launched at the World Ocean Summit 2018, the Principles are designed to provide investors with certainty about the specific challenges and enabling conditions in wild-caught fisheries, while also generating confidence that building environmental and social sustainability into fisheries will yield a strong return on their investment. The Principles cover everything from data-poor fisheries to human rights to food security. They align with IFC Performance Standards and UN Principles of Responsible Investment and are designed to advance … Read More

New Source Of Capital For Small Business Owners of Color in Contra Costa County

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small business loans contra costa county

Pacific Community Ventures – a nonprofit small business lender that’s fueled small businesses in San Francisco and Oakland for 20 years – has just announced a new expansion to provide small business owners in Contra Costa County access the funding and business advice they need to grow their businesses, create jobs, and support the local economy. The majority of businesses supported in the coming years will be minority-owned, women-owned, and immigrant-owned enterprises, reflecting the rich diversity of Contra Costa County’s entrepreneurial community that includes underserved small business owners who are often overlooked in as they work to create wealth in the region. Investing in small businesses combats rising income inequality by creating jobs with living wages; and yet, small businesses struggle to access the capital and support they need to grow. Every day, 8,000 small business loan requests are declined by banks across the nation. Here in California, African-American women … Read More

Meet Our Latest Borrower: 360 Total Concept

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360 Total Concept

360 Total Concept is a management consulting firm that specializes in project management for public relations, monitoring and contract compliance, logistics, and facilities management. Founded by Shonda Scott in 2006, 360 Total Concept Consulting focuses on three primary services: Logistics – coordinating conferences, facilitating meetings and workshops, and producing webinars Facilities Management – managing subcontractors and monitoring contract compliance Monitoring/Compliance – providing support on projects to ensure contract guidelines and policies are implemented on specification 360 Total Concept Consulting has grown from 1 employee to 10 over the last decade, and Shonda’s surfed that growth wave to open offices in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. (where Shonda sat on the African American Leadership Council under the Obama Administration). Some of her clients you may know include BART, the LA Metro, and Oakland Public Schools. Even though Shonda has a decade of exceptional growth behind her, her bank still declined to help … Read More

Meet Our Latest Borrower: The Good Earth School

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The Good Earth School is a preschool in Kensington, California, that offers early childhood education for children 18 months to 6 years old. The Good Earth School is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education, which means a Child-Centered, on-going Emergent curriculum. Emergent curriculum is a way of planning lessons that are based on the children’s interests and passion at a specific point in time. Founded by Gail and Alan Pavlosky, it’s the only preschool that serves the communities of El Cerrito, Kensington, Albany, Richmond and Berkeley with nature-based instruction. Gail has over 25 years of experience in early childhood education, and operated a family daycare center – Galoshes — for ten years before opening The Good Earth School. Her husband Alan has 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in business and nonprofit operations. Even though they had a decade of experience running successful businesses, their bank still declined to … Read More

Meet Our Latest Borrower: Mohinders Shoes

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Mohinder Shoes

In 2012, Michael Paratore was traveling through India when he bought a pair of shoes from a street vendor in Mumbai. Once he was back in the Bay Area, he started wearing the shoes every day, and to all types of events. With all of the compliments he received on them, Michael realized the demand for a versatile, comfortable, and unique pair of shoes. He quit his job as a corporate lawyer, booked a trip back to India to find the craftswomen and craftsmen who made the shoes, and started Mohinders Shoes. Mohinders Shoes sells handwoven footwear made by artisans in Athani Village, India. Small batches of shoes are passed between home workshops since artisans specialize in different steps of the process, like cutting the leather, measuring stitches, and hand-weaving. As an environmentally conscious company, Mohinders Shoes has taken the time to find reliable sources of leather. The artisans who … Read More

What’s New In Impact Investing? December Roundup

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impact investing eti

Impact investing is about using markets and money for social good. Impact investing is built on the belief that private capital can play a powerful role in solving the massive global challenges of our day, and that capital markets should work for good as well as profit. This vision is realized through investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Every month, PCV will give you a roundup of what’s new in the field, what conversations are taking place, and how you can get involved. Here are some highlights from December: The goal of impact investing, broadly speaking, is to turn markets and capital toward their best selves – facilitating businesses that create value for everyday people and creating social and environmental benefits in addition to returns. We talk a lot about the players and the deals, … Read More

Are Your Creative Juices Drying Up? Here’s How to Refuel

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“It is the tension between creativity and skepticism that has produced the stunning and unexpected findings of science.” -Carl Sagan Experienced business leaders seldom recommend fostering creativity among employees. Productivity is a much more cherished trait,  but it doesn’t undermine the definitive need for creativity in competitive art-led businesses such as advertising. With projects piling up, professionals and small business owners might start to feel drained.  However, this hit is only temporary. All you need to do is to recharge your creative batteries — which isn’t that tough. Intrigued? Here’re a few simple, yet effective ideas to help you gain your creative muse back. Break the Monotony No matter how creative your work is, it can become monotonous in no time for multiple reasons. Monotony is the chief culprit behind creativity drying up. It’s only human nature to get habitual and follow a specific routine as it spells convenience and … Read More

Meet Our Latest Borrower: Ondonte Dental Staffing

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Susan Melton is the owner of Ondonte, is a dental staffing company that refers temporary and permanent employment candidates to dental offices around the Bay Area. Ondonte helps create good-paying jobs at dental offices by maintaining a database of qualified dental staff who are looking to fill vacancies. There are between 80 and 120 people in the database at any given time. Ondonte uses internet recruitment sites, its own website, and word of mouth referrals to source qualified staff. The company then conducts in-person interviews and runs a background check on each person to assure the candidate is licensed and qualified. The company has grown substantially with Susan Melton’s leadership over the last five years, with five full-time employees and plans to hire more as it expands. Before they could keep that growth going, they needed additional funding for technology upgrades and onboarding. When the banks turned them down, Ondonte … Read More