Meet Our Latest Borrower: Native Juice Co.

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native juice company

Native Juice Co. is a juice and smoothie bar that specializes in fresh beverages made from local ingredients. The company also serves healthy snacks such as salads, wraps, avocado toasts, and soba noodle dishes. The owners support the broader local economy and local producers by sourcing all of their ingredients from Bay Area farmers’ markets as well as from a local farm in Petaluma that produces ingredients exclusively for them. Founded in 2013 by Caitlin Meade and Nicole Fish, Native Juice started off as a stand at two of the bay Area’s bigger farmer’s markets (Oakland’s Grand Lake and San Rafael’s Civic Center), and as a popoup on the corner of Montgomery Street and Pine Street San Francisco’s bustling financial district. After two successful years building up their name recognition and a loyal local following at this location, Caitlin and Nicole opened Native Juice’s first brick-and-mortar flagship location. And from … Read More

PCV Reaffirms Our Support For The Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights

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small business borrower bill of rights

We work with small business owners who have a dream, but who don’t have big built-in networks or access to enormous sums of capital. For example, the fastest-growing group of Americans starting new ventures is African-American women. But you’d never know that based on where the money is going.  Sarah Kersten Studio in Berkeley has been manufacturing heirloom-quality ceramics for Bay Area consumers and restaurants for the past four years. Sales have increased steadily, as has their popularity with major San Francisco restaurants like Frances and Octavia. As a growing small business, owner Sarah was having trouble accessing traditional sources of capital to expand her inventory. Her company didn’t meet the guidelines of most mainstream lenders, so Sarah had to look for an alternative lender. Pacific Community Ventures was able to provide Sarah a loan with an affordable rate. Sarah’s story is the story for thousands of California small businesses. … Read More

Thriving Small Businesses Means A Thriving Bay Area

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bay area small business cdfi

Picture a few of your favorite small and independent businesses. Maybe you love stopping by Equator Coffee or Boba Guys on the way into work, shopping at Benny Gold or Heath Ceramics, working out at The Dailey Method, or sitting down at Brown Sugar Kitchen and hoping a few Warriors grab the table next to you. Now what if I told you that without a small handful of government programs, many of your favorite places might not exist? The so-called “Skinny Budget” cuts funding for several successful bi-partisan small business programs that helped launch and grow tens of thousands of small businesses across the Bay Area – and hundreds of thousands across America. It cuts $42 million from Small Business Administration programs aimed at new job creation; $32 million from programs that help people of color start companies and hire more employees; and completely eliminates the Community Development Financial Institution … Read More

Four Steps To Secure A Loan For Your Small Business

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how to get small business loan

As a small business grows, it’s almost inevitable that it will need some type of capital injection. Even if you’re doing everything right, there are times when your profit just isn’t enough to reinvest into the business to take advantage of new opportunities. Perhaps the company needs to hire more people, expand to a new location, or fulfill a large purchase order. As exciting as this growth can be, securing an investment can also be overwhelming. We meet and talk with small business owners every day who need capital to grow, but aren’t sure what lenders need or look for. Below are four tips from the small business lender to help you with securing a small business loan. Before starting a conversation with a potential lender, it is important that a small business owner knows how much money the business needs, and what it will be used for. For example, … Read More

Get Ready For Small Business Saturday 2016

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small business saturday

Now in its seventh year, Small Business Saturday serves as the kickoff to the holiday shopping season for small businesses across the United States. Each year, shoppers spend tens of billions at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Focusing on small businesses and local jobs directly combats income inequality. Small businesses create jobs — 70% of the jobs created since the end of the recession came from small businesses, as opposed to zero net new jobs from giant corporations. But simply creating jobs won’t stem the tide of income inequality. The kinds of jobs being created, and where those jobs drive their wealth, matters just as much. Our friends at Fit Small Business recently looked into why Small Business Saturday is so important for these job-creating community businesses: Over half (52%) of consumers plan to shop the weekend following Thanksgiving. 1 in 4 holiday shoppers (24%) are planning to “shop small” and … Read More

Meet Our Latest Borrower: Maker’s Common

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makers common

Maker’s Common is a combined eatery and retail market, located in Downtown Berkeley, from the team that created the popular Mission Cheese restaurant in San Francisco. The restaurant is opening in 2017, and the team’s plan for the space is to have — of course — tons of cheese, plus charcuterie, wine, bread, and beer to go. The restaurant portion will be in line with the offerings at Mission Cheese, but with an expanded in-house charcuterie program, family-style dinners, and more. At the core of their business is the community of Bay Area makers that the team seeks to support as vital to the economic, environmental, and social health of our country for a multitude of reasons. By sourcing almost exclusively from this community of small responsible producers, Maker’s Common advances healthier eating, more responsible land management, more economically resilient communities, more connected communities, and diversity in opportunities for working … Read More

Meet Our Latest Borrower: Preservation & Co.

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preservation and co

Preservation & Co. offers a line of jams inspired by cocktails, and also cocktail mixes and pickled products. It was founded by Jason Poole in 2011, after he’d worked for 17 years in the service and hospitality industry. His passion for food got bigger and bigger, and he decided to start the company as a creative outlet. His grandfather was a farmer, so preservation of crops came as a natural interest. He decided to incorporate that with two sides of his life: working in a bar, and loving food. Since then, the company has really caught on and grown. In 2012 they won a national Bloody Mary competition, and were finalists for several Good Food awards. They started to be sold in major grocery stores, and over 600 bars and restaurants. With all of that growth, Jason needed to scale up and came to PCV for support. With PCV as … Read More

Meet Our Latest Borrower: Boba Guys

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boba guys

Boba Guys offers artisanal boba and tea. The company brews real tea leaves and never uses powder. All teas are steeped in house. They have partnered with local producers like Straus Family Creamery to use organic milk and offer Califia almond milk or organic soy milk for non-dairy alternatives. For sweeteners, the company makes their own syrups from natural brown sugar. Boba Guys also offers Hong Kong Toast made with their own housemade buttercream. Boba Guys began in 2011 when owners Bin and Andrew worked together at Timbuk2 (another PCV company!). Bin and Andrew found they had the same upbringing despite their geographic and cultural differences: Bin from small-town Texas and Andrew from New Jersey. They bonded over lunch runs to the local small business boba shop in the Mission. One day, it closed down. After watching countless hours of YouTube videos about making the perfect cup of boba milk … Read More

PCV Is Adding Microloans To Our Small Business Lending Program

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small business microloan

We’re thrilled to announce that beginning today PCV is offering microloans in amounts of $10,000–$50,000 to help California small businesses add jobs, purchase equipment, expand their inventories, repair machinery, or get through construction. PCV’s small business loan program started during the Recession, when many major banks stopped offering business loans under $250,000. This capital crunch made things harder for small businesses in underserved areas who were already fighting to stay afloat. 1/3 of entrepreneurs who apply for a bank loan are rejected; 54% among people of color. And women in general are turned down for loans 20% more often than men. In California, PCV has been filling part of this gap with loans between $50,000 – $200,000 for small businesses that can’t get financing from traditional financial institutions or the Small Business Administration. We listened when more and more of you said that you need small business loans under $50,000, … Read More

Meet Our Latest Borrower: Red Door Catering

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red door catering

Red Door Catering is a local business that supports local business. They work with local farmers and producers to gather the best organic, seasonal ingredients they can to make their food simply taste good. The company prides itself on composing new fusions to excite the palette as well as putting a fresh twist on the old favorites to satisfy the soul. Chef Reign Free has been in the kitchen since she was nine, seated on a stool beside her mother cooking traditional West Indian dishes for her family. As an entrepreneur, Chef Reign continues to push the envelope of customer service, community consciousness and innovative cuisine. Chef Steven Rubin grew up on Philadelphia’s Main Line and perfected his craft at a number of Bay Area establishments including Stars Restaurant. He also emcees Iron Chef competitions, traveling the country when time allows! Red Door Catering is a special event planner for … Read More