Our 2015 Social Impact

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While our economy is thriving on paper, most of us know that isn’t the whole story. Since the end of the Great Recession, almost 12 million jobs have been created. But, average wages working Americans have dropped 23 percent. The strongest job growth these past few years has all been in low-wage work, at places like strip malls and fast-food restaurants. We hit a tipping point as 2016 began: middle-income households have become the minority in America for the first time since World War II.  And communities of color fare even worse.

Frankly, as a nation, we’re better than this. It’s frustrating – but we’re not powerless here. We can do something about it.

Since the end of the recession, PCV has helped almost 1,500 small businesses across 45 states to create and sustain tens of thousands of jobs. Check out our full 2015 social impact report:

PCV is fighting this growing income inequality in a unique way. What makes our social enterprise different? We’re offering capital to small business owners in underserved areas, combined with pro-bono business advising. These are entrepreneurs trying to create jobs and build local wealth in their communities, but who are being turned away by the traditional finance system. This unique approach equals quality jobs in the communities that the global economy has left behind. PCV creates jobs, and with your support, we can create more jobs — and grow those jobs into quality jobs.

By pairing our loans with mentoring, we’re going all-in with a small business to ensure its long-term success. And by making our advising platform free to small businesses anywhere in America, we’re going broad to bring needed skills and experience to Main Street. We’re building local economies, on a national scale. This approach sets us apart, and its showing true social impact — which our in-house impact consulting team painstakingly measures in order to continuously improve our programs.