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  • Club Artistas is the child of Culinary Artistas, our in person children’s program here in San Francisco, California. Both were founded on the idea that cooking is a language that connects us to our cultures, bodies, minds, souls, and most of all, to each other.

    Club Artistas is a magical cooking adventure kit for kids and it brings together STEAM activities, food education and a heavy pinch of fun. Club Artistas. Each box also gets up cycled and transformed into a keepsake DIY toy.

    This month’s theme is PAINTING WITH FOOD!
    – Have a blast making and decorating delicious and visually stunning tie dye cookies- they are super fun to create and no two are the same.
    – Craft a watercolor postcard using natural dyes.
    – Let your imagination fly! This month’s DIY box transforms into a playtime stove top!

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