Good Juju Good Vibes

Hello GJGV is a All-Natural, Spiritual Wellness business that specializes in creating products and services that help heal, educate and revive the mind, body, spirit and culture if our customers.

We Sell custom made energy bracelets and jewelry that helps the wearer heal and connect ot the elements around them. Also our new line of wellness products which consists of items like seamoss, shea butter, black soap and colloidal silver is growing every quarter.

We offer crystal readings, mindfulness meditations and hypnotherapy as services as well.

This holiday after out recent visit to Ghana 🇬🇭, we have a whole new line of handmade designer bags and backpacks for sale.

GOOD JUJU GOOD VIBES (GJGV) Mission is to Spread Love Across The Globe One Peace (piece of mineral or service) At A Time.

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