Hungry Fox Restaurant

North Hollywood, California (CA)|

A Jewish couple opened the restaurant in the 50s, Greeks ran the show for 17 years, and a Thai native named Eddie Kantayos has run Hungry Fox for the past 12 years. Very little has changed over the years, other than the occasional menu tweak, more modern chandeliers, and a fresh coat of paint. The façade was previously sea blue and touted a Mykonos mural under the Greek regime, and now appears pastel green.

A server wore a T-shirt that advertised the “second best chicken & waffles.” I asked Susie, “If Hungry Fox makes the second best chicken & waffles, who makes the best chicken & waffles?” She said, matter-of-fact, “Your mother.”

But The Hungry Fox’s Best Fried Chicken & Waffle far outpaces anything dear old Mom could produce. A half chicken, four juicy pieces with thin, crackly crusts, pair with twin Belgian waffles. Airy rectangles with lacy edges are dusted with powdered sugar and served with molten butter. Susie handed me a pitcher of “secret sauce” (sweet chile) to team : credit from EaterLA

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