Intelligent Intentions LLC

Atlanta, GA|

  • Professional Services
  • Transition Strategist
  • Over $200
  • Black-Owned
  • Woman-Owned
  • Intelligent Intentions LLC is a boutique consulting and coaching firm.

    After managing corporate risks for more than 20 years, Elle now manages the risk of people living unfulfilled lives. Dubbed “The Confidence Coach” by her clients; Elle specialized in transitions. Transitions are filled with vulnerabilities as well as opportunities. She is a masterful strategist who helps client to confidently manage the risk of loss and maximize the opportunities with integrity, intelligence and intention during transitions.

    Clients include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, entertainers and college students. Whatever is next for you, Elle is an amazing resource to assist you on the journey.

    Risk Management Consulting, Insurance Training and Facilitation are also a part of Intellligent Intentions service offerings.

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