Jennifer Avery Coaching

Lafayette, California (CA)|

For Writers Who Want Support Making Writing Happen

Writing coach and screenwriter Jenna Avery provides 1:1 coaching sessions by phone or over Zoom for writers on topics including:

• Getting unstuck and unblocked after receiving difficult feedback, struggling with past creative wounds, or facing personal setbacks that are stopping them from writing.

• Designing a writing life and routine that works for their unique circumstances to optimize their writing flow and productivity.

• Navigating through and past overwhelming perfectionism, procrastination, and paralysis so they can write freely and joyfully.

• Brainstorming story and structure solutions when writers feel uncertain about which direction to take their stories.

• Giving feedback, encouragement, and support to keep writers moving forward.

Jenna specializes in working with screenwriters, novelists, and memoirists, and has worked with hundreds of writers all over the world to help them make the work of writing actually happen.

Find out more about 1:1 writer’s coaching with Jenna here:

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