Nikki Michelle Jewelry

Beauty that starts on the inside always looks even better on the outside when expressed with handcrafted custom divinely inspired Necklaces, Earrings & Bracelets made with LOVE and quality by Nikki Michelle Jewelry. I use only the finest array of materials including but not limited to precious and semi precious natural stones, Austrian crystal, pearls, gold, rhodium, sterling silver, etc… While my discipline is hand crafted wearable art, I apply multiple mediums to create my unique aesthetic. Using a combination of sculpture, painting, wire weaving, & metal work, etc to design a visual luxury that stimulates the mind, body and soul connection artistically while allowing you to become the centerpiece in any room. All eyes will be on you when you become the canvas of Nikki Michelle’s healing wearable art collection. Please contact me directly to place your order thank you! Peace, love, light and happy holidays!

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