Progeny Coffee LLC

Palo Alto, California (CA)|

Progeny Coffee is the brainchild of Maria Palacio and John Trabelsi – a dynamic duo with an amazing coffee story to tell. Maria, a fifth-generation coffee farmer, knows the sweat and sacrifice it takes to make a living in the coffee world. When she moved to the U.S. and saw coffee shops charging over five bucks a cup, it was a wake-up call. She knew she had to do something to give back to her community back home in Colombia.
The real magic happened when Maria brought John to Colombia. Surrounded by the lush coffee fields and the warm-hearted farmers, they started brainstorming about a company that’s all about giving coffee lovers a top-notch experience while taking care of the farmers who work their hearts out.
Their shared passion for making a positive impact has helped them overcome the typical hurdles of small businesses in a competitive market. They’re on a mission to create the world’s first international coffee company that’s all about making a difference. So, kick back and enjoy a cup of Progeny coffee, knowing that you’re part of a mission-driven coffee journey.

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