Proyecto Diaz Coffee

San Leandro, California|

We are Proyecto Diaz, a coffee roasting company rooted in the Bay Area, focused on rebuilding farms and legacies by roasting delicious coffee and giving back.
INSTANT CAFE DE OLLA KIT: Our instant version of Cafe de Olla, an iconic Mexican method of making coffee mixed with flavor and tradition, includes cinnamon, ground piloncillo, spices, and our family’s coffee to give you a taste of our culture‚Ķinstantly.
Each kit makes 6 servings.
COFFEE CHAMPURRADO KIT: Get ready to make this warm Mexican chocolate drink sweetened with piloncillo and cozy spices, and thickened using corn flour (Masa Harina). We’ve taken the liberty of adding our El Carmen instant coffee to the recipe for that caffeinated fix. Each kit makes 3 servings.

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