Rubicon Wellness LLC

Denver, Colorado (CO)|

Sorghum-Superfood DIETARY SUPPLEMENT is a proprietary blend of an ancient and sacred Egyptian plant the world now calls SORGHUM BICOLOR, the 5th largest grown grain worldwide. African shamans and priests through mysticism and inspiration discovered the formula and used it historically for thousands of years to bring the body back to optimal health with its powerful immune and anti-inflammatory properties.

Through 20yrs of human clinical studies and laboratory tests, we have verified the efficacy and power of this magic plant to be a strong support for the healing of the entire body from the deep cellular level to the outermost beauty of the skin and helps the body to heal itself by utilizing the antioxidant power of the plant to activate healing on all levels.

Rubicon was formed 2019 in Colorado with a mission to expand from manufacture/retailer online business into a much viable and profitable dietary supplement and natural food coloring INGREDIENT SUPPLIER.

No other food ingredient in the world market has the unique ability of being a candidate for both Dietary Supplement and Natural Food Coloring Ingredient supplier; existing in two parallel markets. This unique position makes the business idea highly competitive and viable.

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