Shima’s Jerky Chips

San Mateo, California (CA)|

Our all-natural, thin and airy beef jerky chips pack a punch of umami, sweet and savory, all uniquely crafted in one delicious crisp chip. Shima’s Jerky Chips encompass the flavor of beef jerky but without the traditional chewy texture providing a uniqueness in its category – creating a different, fun way of consuming beef.

Shima’s Jerky Chips values good food in both nutrition, by keeping a clean label, while providing a positive experience of our customers when consuming our product. Shima’s Jerky Chips mission is to provide a fun, health conscious and alternative way to enjoy beef jerky for all ages. Not only does Shima’s provide a healthy snack to nourish families (kids to elderly) with a satiating protein meat snack, Shima’s is also proud to support an ecosystem of local minority-owned business vendors and retail shops. Shima’s is conscientious of the companies they do business with and make a daily conscious effort to support businesses who align with their values in social and environmental impact.

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