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Business Advising For Your Company

Drive employee engagement, create real impact, and knit your business and your community together in a new way. PCV’s awardwinning platform gives your company a turnkey solution to reach your target market, strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers, and offer skills-based employee engagement and volunteer opportunities. We’re a nonprofit small business accelerator that matches small business owners from economically underserved areas with skills-based volunteer advisors and mentors, just like your staff.

Benefits To Your Company

  • A plug-and-play skills-based volunteering platform that your staff can access from anywhere
  • Uniform brand experience with a customized landing page for your program
  • Strengthened CSR and CRA reporting with custom data on the social impact of your employees’ volunteerism

How It Works

Pacific Community Ventures provides your company with the plug-and-play technology platform and custom-branded portal to easily manage your employees volunteer experience or provide custom business advising to your small business customers. Our platform and customer experience are designed to ensure your employees or small business customers are matched with the right person to fit their needs.

  • sign up with pcv

    Fill out a profile.

     Your employees or customers take 10 minutes to tell us about themselves and their business experience.

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    Get matched.

    We’ll propose potential matches, but leave the final decision on advising up to your employees or customers.

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    Custom reporting.

    We’ll provide the data you need to measure the success of your volunteering or customer engagement programs.

Customizable Plans 

Offer unique skills-based volunteering experiences for your employees and add real value to your small business customers. Companies who work with our mentoring program see benefits in talent development (hard and soft skills), recruitment (give your employees purpose-driven work), retention, and new support for efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2016 small businesses working with our program grew their revenues by 20% (vs 7% for comparable small businesses) and had 44% job growth — surpassing national (1.7%) rates.

Support Your Customers

  • Engage employees with mentorship opportunities
  • Build your Supplier Diversity program and pipeline
  • Support women, minority, and veteran entrepreneurs
  • Groom potential future small business customers and nurture existing ones.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Support economic opportunity through grants
  • Offer skills-based employee engagement opportunities
  • Align CSR efforts with your corporate strategy
  • Receive custom reporting


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Marketing Opportunities

  • Sponsor in-person events with our small business or advisor communities
  • Sponsor national webinars targeting small business owners and advisors
  • Sponsor educational content in our resource library
  • Leverage our network for marketing campaigns


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Support Local Businesses In Your Community

Mentors will work with entrepreneurs to help them troubleshoot, overcome challenges to reaching their goals, and build their network. Your staff members can volunteer their time in ways that work for them: they can meet in person and/or virtually (over the phone, or on Skype, Facetime, etc) with their advising match. 

Volunteer advisors donate 5 hours of their time each month, and in the last few years they’ve empowered hundreds of small businesses to create and maintain tens of thousands of jobs for working people in underserved communities.

A Few Of Our Clients and Partners