Small Business Success: Kainbigan

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Kainbigan is a minority-owned, female-owned Filipino restaurant and catering company in the heart of Oakland, California. Kainbigan’s success suddenly made their space seem cramped, so they needed to grow by purchasing kitchen space and catering equipment (including a van!)

Kainbigan chose to work with our CDFI, Pacific Community Ventures, because after liquidating personal assets (and with a lack of family wealth to rely on), the business needed a loan to help support growth. Not yet bankable, they had also become overwhelmed by a high-interest loan from an online lender—and turned to PCV’s nonprofit small business lending program to find a way out. See what happened:

In 2015, Kainbigan hired two full-time cooks, expanded their catering, and is planning the opening of a second location in Oakland.