Meet Our Latest Borrower: 360 Total Concept

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360 Total Concept

360 Total Concept is a management consulting firm that specializes in project management for public relations, monitoring and contract compliance, logistics, and facilities management. Founded by Shonda Scott in 2006, 360 Total Concept Consulting focuses on three primary services:

  • Logistics – coordinating conferences, facilitating meetings and workshops, and producing webinars
  • Facilities Management – managing subcontractors and monitoring contract compliance
  • Monitoring/Compliance – providing support on projects to ensure contract guidelines and policies are implemented on specification

360 Total Concept Consulting has grown from 1 employee to 10 over the last decade, and Shonda’s surfed that growth wave to open offices in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. (where Shonda sat on the African American Leadership Council under the Obama Administration). Some of her clients you may know include BART, the LA Metro, and Oakland Public Schools.

Even though Shonda has a decade of exceptional growth behind her, her bank still declined to help her scale up to seize even more opportunities. So she came to PCV, and we happily funded them. We’re excited to work together to help her grow and create quality jobs.

Over the last year, Shonda has secured three new large projects in different regions which will require the company to hire 4–5 new employees, and the lay the foundation for even more success.


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