Pacific Community Ventures Receives $3.2M from the Quality Jobs Fund

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The Quality Jobs Fund

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been awarded a $3.2M impact investment from The Quality Jobs Funds. The Fund, seeded with a charitable donation of $100M, has made the investment with Pacific Community Ventures, a nationally-recognized CDFI, to support Bay Area small businesses.

Pacific Community Ventures (PCV) will leverage this investment to deploy more than $5 million in loans to small businesses to create more than 5,000 jobs with median wages of at least $17 per hour during the lifetime of the investment. This capital will support PCV’s integrated small business support model that includes lending, mentoring, quality-job-creating tools and incentives, as well as a robust impact measurement and management system.

Mary Jo Cook, PCV’s President and CEO, said that about one-third of the loans will be to small business owners in Alameda County, noting that small businesses need help to create the quality jobs that support families and communities. 

“We cannot simply ask small business owners to create quality jobs without giving them the tools, mentoring, and roadmaps to do so in ways that support their overall business needs,” Ms. Cook said, adding that their toolkit, Good Jobs, Good Business , provides examples, resources and advice to help small business owners boost their bottom line by creating jobs that help them attract employees and improve retention, performance and productivity.

“We are committed to helping small business owners create jobs that are good for their workers and good for their businesses,” she said. “To support small business owners on this journey, we’re experimenting with ways to incentivize small businesses to improve job quality. While we recognize there are limitations to how much this can change business behavior, we want to reward business owners that take steps to improve their workforce practices.”

Colin Greer, President of the New World Foundation, added “We continue to be thrilled by the opportunity provided by the FHLBankSF to advance the Quality Jobs Fund initiative. Over many years, the New World Foundation has worked in U.S. communities and learned that civic strength and the well-being of families is created by good jobs, decent housing, and investment in the future for families. PCV is an exciting opportunity to advance that mission through investment in Bay Area communities, with a focus on women, minorities, and firms based in lower-income communities. 

Greg Seibly, President and CEO of FHLBank San Francisco, said that fresh ideas were needed to increase the pool of potential homebuyers and research showed that fortifying the financial security of working families would produce more home purchases. 

“Our initiative hopes to provide quality jobs that can allow working families to purchase homes in safe, nurturing communities,” he said. “FHLBank San Francisco began this process two years ago with research on what strategies best fuel successful job creation and small business expansion. It’s exciting to move forward and support investments that will enhance the quality of life for working families.”

FHLBank San Francisco seeded the Quality Jobs Fund (QJF) with a $100 million charitable contribution to facilitate quality job creation, finance small business expansion, and support job training in its three-state district of Arizona, California, and Nevada, and in other communities nationally. The groundbreaking initiative will improve the wealth-building potential of working families, help generate future homebuyers, and serve as a catalyst for sustainable, long-term community development programs, especially those in underserved communities.

The Quality Jobs Fund is supporting innovative programs that upskill low-income workers in vital industries and that finance the expansion of businesses creating quality jobs. Quality Jobs Fund investments will focus on helping to increase wages for working families, thereby increasing the pool of potential homebuyers and help build prosperous, vibrant, and strong communities.

Lawrence H. Parks, Senior Vice President, Legislative and External Affairs, for FHLBank San Francisco, called it critically important to make investments with companies with track records in expanding quality jobs. “We understand that the health of a community depends on creating more quality jobs and increasing homeownership,” he said. “That scenario gives residents a stake in the well-being of their neighborhood and a path to make their communities strong and sustainable.”

Oakland’s DAD Services and Crave BBQ are typical of the types of small businesses that PCV funds. DAD Services is a janitorial company that aims to employ disadvantaged people, particularly those coming out of correctional institutions. The company was established in 1998 by Donald Jacko and has always been a minority-owned, family-run business. DAD Services serves a diverse group of clients including medical institutions, investigative services, and security companies at their various locations.

Crave BBQ was opened by Chef Rashad Armstead in 2016 as a pop-up restaurant. The pop-up hosted popular events like Warriors watch parties and live concerts. After successfully testing his BBQ concept, Chef Armstead secured a location at 2608 Market Street in Oakland. Once the new location is complete, Chef Armstead plans to hire several new employees, offering medical insurance and key leadership roles. He will also offer internships to McClymonds High School, CiviCorps, and Beyond Emancipation. In turn, he plans to train and eventually employ the interns who successfully complete the Crave Internship Program.


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